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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.



Do you offer fully rebuilt OBX differentials?

No...  This is not something that I currently offer.  If you feel intimidated by the rebuild process I encourage you to contact Chris @ http://www.turbosunleashed.com.  Chris offers fully rebuilt differentials and purchases the washers directly from me.

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Do you offer custom wires for TIII, Hybrid setups, etc?

Yes, I am very willing to work with people on whatever they need!  I will need to know the lengths, and terminal/boot types for all of the wires that are needed.  The best way to do this is to use an old coil wire, a piece of vaccum line, or even an extension cord and mock it up.  I then need center to center lengths for each wire.  Prices will vary based on terminal types and wire length.

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Why are MSD wires a good choice?

MSD wires are a low resistance high suppression wire.  They are durable and will last longer than stock or other high resistance wires on the market.  Some companies try to fool people into thinking that the biggest goal in a spark plug wire is suppression.  While suppression is good it isn't the only thing that matters.  High resistance wires get very hot when used in a high performance system.  That is why MSD superconductor wires use copper wire.  High resistance wires will burn out due to this heat in short order and begin to perform very poorly.   MSD uses the same type of suppression core as many other manufacturers and also has a 40:1 turn ratio which gives great suppression!

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How much horsepower increase can I expect from these wires?

Honestly, none unless your old wires are worn out or defective... 

Spark plug wires don't ever add horsepower they only take it away when they perform poorly.  Performance wires should be purchased for durability and reliable spark delivery.  MSD offers a great wire which will keep your spark true.

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Why should I get your custom distributor cap and matching wires?

The cap and wires were created because the stock 2.2/2.5 distributor cap is a piece designed for low cost not performance.  If you look at the early 1979/1980 VW 1.7 cap you can see that it is exactly the same as the 1985 2.2 cap except it uses the 2.2/2.5 spade terminals.  This was done to avoid molding in the metal inserts in the cap as a cost savings.

The spade terminals present many problems for us:

  • It is very difficult to pull of a wire when you are working on the car and it is in the way.
  • The wires are the thing that wears out in this setup not the cap.   This is backwards!
  • 90 degree boots/terminals can't be cleanly used with the spade terminals.
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What happens when I need a new distributor cap?

I am more than happy to sell individual caps without wires when they wear out. One of my customers currently has over 120,000 miles on his converted cap and the brass terminals are still going strong. This shows that unless the plastic breaks they are very durable!  I make a new batch of caps from time to time and make sure to have them in stock.

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