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'91-94 11" Brake Hawk Brake pads  

These fit 91-94 Daytona/Spirit/Lebaron/Caravan with 11" Brakes. This is the best brake setup available for 80/90s FWD Dodge cars and caravans.


The HPS Versions were not factory chamfered before being discontinued.

The lack of chamfering means that there is extra material on the pads and they will have more pad wear so this can actually be viewed as a good thing.. It is possible to chamfer the leading edge of the brake pad on a grinder if desired which may to reduce brake squeals slightly. Only one side should be chamfered as the other doesn't actually do anything except make the pads wear out faster. Chamfering both sides is only done so that the pads are not side specific.

Even when chamfered, once the pads wear beyond that point the chamfers are gone leaving 50% of pad wear remaining on what is now an unchamfered pad making the whole process of chamfering only applicable for half of the pad's life. The slots last a bit longer but are still gone for the last 33% of the pad life.

The slot can be added if desired but it is not necessary especially when used with slotted rotors. If adding a slot is desired I suggest simply adding it in the center of the pad accross the shortest distance (top to bottom) instead of the more complex diagonal cut that the LTS pads have. I won't be slotting the pads on my personal car and was assured by Hawk that it isn't necessary.

HPS Version for Cars (non Chamfered)

LTS (Light Truck) Version for Caravans (these work better when cold but have a lower max temp)

$40 $30 Shipped for one set ($30 plus $5 Free US Priority Mail Shipping)

Brake Pad Type:

$70 $55 shipped for two sets ($55 plus $10 Free US Priority Mail Shipping)
Brake Pad Type(s):


Additional Information:

Thes brakes can also be used with older cars with some junkyard component upgrades

Non Factory 91+ Upgrade Paths:

Starting Point
Required Parts
91+ 10" Brakes 91+ 60mm Calipers, 11 Caliper Brackets, 11" Rotors
90 and Older Cars 91+ Car Spindle, 91+ 60mm Calipers, 11" Caliper Brackets, 11" Rotors
90 and Older Vans 91+ Van Spindle, 91+ 60mm Calipers, 11" Caliper Brackets, 11" Rotors
All Lbody* Modified Strut or Modified 91+ Car Spindle*, 91+ 60mm Calipers, 11" Caliper Brackets, 11" Rotors

*The lbody strut is narrower than the 91+ spindle so it either has to be narrowed to fit the lbody strut or replaced with a Neon/GJKHPA body strut/spring combination or a coilover strut that fits the 91+ spindle. The lbody must also use the master cylinder and proportioning valve from a 4 wheel disc daytona. It is recommended to use the 10" non vented rear brakes with the 11" front brakes when using them on an lbody.


Note that Rockauto currently has the 60mm calipers for 11" brakes with brackets for ~$20 per side!:

Reman Calipers with Brackets:

A-1 CARDONE Part # 18B4362
Front Right; w/15" Wheels; OE Phenolic Piston;Supplied w/Mounting Bracket ~$17

A-1 CARDONE Part # 18B4363
Front Left; w/15" Wheels; OE Phenolic Piston;Supplied w/Mounting Bracket

Recommended Rotors:

Centric C-Tek regular rotors
CENTRIC Part # 12163027
~$23 each

AIMCO Part # 5344
Rockauto Closeout for ~$19 each

BREMBO Part # 27229
Rockauto Closeout for ~$32 each!

EBC Utilimax 11" rotors
These are slotted but don't have full slots so they limit noise. They are also coated black so they don't rust.
~$119/pair shipped from autoanything.com

EBC Sport 11" rotors (I have these)
These are slotted and dimpled. They are also coated black so they won't rust.
~$130/pair shipped from autoanything.com

For matching EBC non-vented rear rotors it is possible to run neon rotors. The Neon rotors are almost identical but have a deeper hat. A 1/8" spacer behind the rotor is a simple solution to this problem. Alternatively using rear drum hubs which are spaced outward by 6mm relative to the rear disc hub resolves this difference. Using rear drum hubs is the perfect solution for those who are converting from drums anyway and already have 5x100 rear drum hubs (My 87 GLHS uses this setup).
Turbo Mopar Knowledge Center Article on Rear brakes

The problem is the EBC rears are much more expensive for the Neon/SRT4 than for our cars. I believe that EBC is just selling the 89-94 fronts at a lower price because of the lower demand for the 89-94 cars. Paying 125 for the front rotors that are doing most of the work in the system is a great deal but 150-180 for rears which are not as critical starts to gets expensive and cosmetic.

The cheaper option for the rears is to run Centric Premium rotors which are also black coated and look great.

Optional stainless caliper bracket shims:

I do not stock these but htey are $3-4 and can help to keep the pads tight (available at rockauto, napa, autozone, etc): WAGNER Part # SG642 WAGNER Part # H5652 CARLSON Part # H5702 MIGHTY Part # H5702 example picture:


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